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Tulsi Root Earrings

Tulsi Root Earrings

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Taken from the Tulsi I grew in my herb garden, these earrings harness the power and magick of Tulsi Basil. Tulsi is a sacred herb of India, the original medicinal basil of all basils, and the sacred flower for Krishna. It has powerful medicinal attributes and is as a lovely, playful, aromatic plant to have in the garden. I use Tulsi in many ways; it is a wonderful plant. Here is the chance to honor its charm and adorn yourself with a little bit of it dangling from your ears.

Made from the root, decorated with wrapped brass wire and hung from sterling hooks for those with metal sensitivities. Each earring comes from its own unique root and varies slightly in shape and size. Hangs approx. 3-3.5" from hooks.