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Scrolling Crescent Moon Necklace, Copper & Beech Wood

Scrolling Crescent Moon Necklace, Copper & Beech Wood

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This very unique one of a kind necklace is inspired by the crescent moon. It was created with heat colored copper laid over black walnut stained beech wood. The width of the pendant measures approximately 4 3/4" wide and hangs on copper chain approximately 8" from a hand forged brass clasp. The beech wood is hand cut with a section of exposed bark and has a lightly oiled finish. The necklace sits just below the collar bone.

The spiral is a symbol of life, death, and rebirth. For the Incas it is also a symbol of Mama Pacha (Mother Earth). It reminds us that all things evolve in cycles and are interconnected.

Copper is naturally anti-bacterial and encourages a positive attitude and decision making. It is particularly effective on the heart and root chakras as preparation for meditation.

Brass (comprised of copper and zinc) brings out our natural good and inner truth.  Repeated wearing of brass jewelry causes the jewelry to take on your own body chemistry, which reflects your personal energy signature.