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Organic Sage Smudge Stick

Organic Sage Smudge Stick

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This smudge stick is made from garden sage grown organically in my garden, wrapped by me in red and white cotton thread - safe to burn. This smudge stick is approximately 6" long.

This listing is for one smudge stick. Each smudge stick varies slightly in size and appearance.

Smudging is an ancient tradition practiced by Native Americans and many of the pagan belief systems. Today, smudging is done by anyone who wishes to clear any negative emotional or spiritual energy that gathers in the body or space around them. This is done by the burning of a bundle of herbs, traditionally sage or cedar but also lavender, mugwort, rosemary, and any other healing plant, with the intention of passing along the cleansing properties of the herbs to the space where the smoke reaches.

How to smudge

Your Home or office: Open all your windows and doors, closets and cupboards. Light the smudge stick with a candle or lighter (sometimes it needs to be relit during the process). This is like lighting incense - once there is a flame, blow it out. You want there to be red smoldering embers from which smoke rises. You may want to carry with you something fireproof to ash in. You can begin either in the North corner of the building and proceed East to South to West back to North, or start at the front door and move clockwise. Wafting the smoke around by moving your hand in slow circular motions, move throughout the space ceiling to floor (don’t hold in front of smoke detectors), in and out of closets and cupboards, distributing the smoke especially to corners, where energy is most likely to stagnate. When you have come full circle extinguish the stick in sand or water. If you have not used the whole stick, it may be used again later.

Yourself or others: Either beginning at the top of the head or the soles of the feet, use the same lighting and wafting technique to move smoke around yourself or others either up or down depending where you begin, and all around the body.

The stick can be extinguished by running the end under water, or put out in sand or dirt.