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Moon Snail Shell, Lapis, Rhodonite Pendulum

Moon Snail Shell, Lapis, Rhodonite Pendulum

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This pendulum is made with a northern moon snail shell, brass chain, lapis, rhodonite.

Pendulums are objects that can be used as a mental or spiritual guide. Sometimes making decisions is difficult, or finding answers can be unclear. You can use a pendulum to answer yes or no questions. Everyone has their own method of using pendulums, but this is mine: hold the top piece of the pendulum between 2 fingers with your hand out flat so it hangs down freely. Ask the pendulum to show you which direction symbolizes yes. Ask it to stop. Ask the pendulum to show you which direction symbolizes no. Ask it stop. Don’t move the pendulum; let it move on it’s own. Ask it questions, ask for guidance from spirit guides to speak to you through the pendulum. Each of these pendulums was created with a special material to enhance its magickal power. I’ve blessed them all with love and light.

The spiral is a symbol of life, death, and rebirth. For the Incas it is also a symbol of Mama Pacha (Mother Earth). It reminds us that all things evolve in cycles and are interconnected.

Lapis works well on the third eye and throat chakras. It symbolizes inspiration and wisdom while promoting a clear understanding and intuition.

Rhodonite symbolizes self-realization. Pink rhodonite with dark inclusions protects against all kinds of anxiety. It influences the heart and sacral chakras. It is helpful in keeping a clear, calm mind in tense situations and coping with changing circumstances.

Brass (comprised of copper and zinc) brings out our natural good and inner truth.  Repeated wearing of brass jewelry causes the jewelry to take on your own body chemistry, which reflects your personal energy signature.