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Love My Skin Herbal Gift Box (Organic Skin Care)

Love My Skin Herbal Gift Box (Organic Skin Care)

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This is the perfect go-to organic herbal skin care box for yourself or as a gift! It features 3 of my herbal products:

1 oz. Healing Salve for general skin irritations

3 oz. Kissy Face Scrub gentle exfoliant for your face and body

4 oz. Skin & Face Toner to remove dirt and oil from the skin and close pores (excellent to follow the Kissy Face Scrub with).

These products are suitable for all skin types, even those of us with extra sensitive skin. Products come in a 5"x 5"x 5" box made with 100% recycled materials. See product descriptions below.



Kissy Face Scrub: This is the perfect facial cleanser for any skin type, even sensitive skin or those with acne. Though this is technically an "exfoliant", it is quite mild. The components that serve as the exfoliants are finely ground oats, almonds, calendula flowers, jasmine flowers, thyme, and black corn. All of these are mixed together in incredible softening and moisturizing white kaolin clay and kelp. Oats are delicate and healing for skin, almonds are rich in vitamin E which helps to restore cellular degeneration, and black corn is full of antioxidants that serve the same purpose. Thyme and calendula have anti-bacterial properties, perfect for blemishes, and jasmine flowers are mildly astringent, helping to cleanse excess oil.

The purpose of regular exfoliating is to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells. Our skin is constantly regenerating, and taking off dead cells helps keep our skin healthy, bright, and soft. This can be used in place of soap. Simply put a small amount, about the size of a quarter or so, in your hand or a small dish and mix with enough water or honey to make a paste. Honey adds extra moisture and its own anti-bacterial properties. Massage into your skin in gentle, circular motions, then rinse clean. You can use this on your whole body if you want! It is best to follow with an astringent/toner to close your pores before moisturizing.

This comes to you in a resealable heat sealed pouch for freshness and convenience. Store in a dry place.

Ingredients: kaolin clay, organic oats, almonds, organic thyme, organic calendula, organic jasmine, black corn, organic kelp

Skin & Face Toner: The purpose of a facial toner, also called an "astringent", is to clean the skin by removing excess oil and closing your pores before moisturizing. The word toner, as it implies, reflects the way toners "tone" your skin, evening out complexion and giving your face an even tone.

This toner is perfect for any skin type, and particularly helpful for blemishes or acne-prone skin. White will bark, a plant high in salycylic acid, is an anti-inflammatory. There are many skin care products on the market that expensively boast about being a product high in salycylic acid. This is exactly that, in the plant form. Olive leaf is wonderfully anti-bacterial, which helps to clean the skin and prevent further breakouts from clogged pores. Calendula is also anti-bacterial, and with chickweed acts as an excellent herb for nourishing the skin. Chickweed, grapefruit, and orange are high in vitamin C, an essential vitamin for maintaining healthy tissue, inside and out. Witch hazel is an age old astringent that serves to tone the skin and close pores, preventing them from being clogged by dirt or moisturizers.

Apply with a cotton ball.

This is the perfect product to follow my "Kissy Face Scrub" with. Keep in a dry place away from direct heat or light. Comes in a 4.5 oz. bottle.

Ingredients: willow bark, calendula, olive leaf, & chickweed infusions, witch hazel extract, grapefruit extract, sweet orange essential oil

Healing Salve: While there are certain plants that make good salves for more specific issues, this is the salve that can be used for most skin issues. This is a salve you can use in place of lotion, or for small areas of skin. It can even been used on the face without being too oily. The soothing and tissue-repairing qualities of chickweed and calendula make this an ideal salve for dry skin, lips, minor cuts, burns, and rashes. Excellent for sensitive skin, no harsh chemicals or preservatives are in used this product. The addition of shea butter and rosemary essential oil adds a delightful scent, has anti-bacterial and skin healing properties. Olive oil is high in vitamins A and E, both of which are excellently nourishing for the skin.

Salve comes in a 1 oz. metal tin.

To ensure your salve stays fresh, store in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat or sunlight.

Ingredients: organic chickweed and organic calendula infused olive oils, beeswax, shea butter, rosemary essential oil

All of my herbal products are made with plants that are certified organic or sustainably wild harvested from reputable herb suppliers. My products are made with care, love, and respect for the power of the plants and their effects on the human body. They are not meant to cure, diagnose, or prescribe. It is recommended to consult an herbal practitioner or health care provider before using a new herbal product, particularly if you have serious illness, are pregnant, or are taking medications.