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Jasper, Brass & Amazonite Necklace

Jasper, Brass & Amazonite Necklace

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This hand forged brass necklace is adorned with impression jasper and amazonite. It hangs on a brass chain, approximately 9" from the clasp. This piece is made to order and may vary slightly in appearance from the images shown. Contact me if you'd like to adjust the chain length. Please allow up to 7 business days to make and ship.

Amazonite is a gentle and comforting stone that can calm us while lifting depression and reducing anxiety. It promotes restful sleep and helps us endure hard times. It is known to stimulate the powers of clairvoyance and creativity. Amazonite can be used for the heart and throat chakras.

Jasper symbolizes will power. In the Middle Ages it was the warrior’s stone. It is said to stimulate sexuality and fertility and when worn can combat exhaustion.

Brass (comprised of copper and zinc) brings out our natural good and inner truth.  Repeated wearing of brass jewelry causes the jewelry to take on your own body chemistry, which reflects your personal energy signature.

The spiral is a symbol of life, death, and rebirth. For the Incas it is also a symbol of Mama Pacha (Mother Earth). It reminds us that all things evolve in cycles and are interconnected.