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Breast Oil 4 oz

Breast Oil 4 oz

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Regular breast massage is good way to honor your inner goddess and an essential part of our lives in today's society which has had an explosion of breast cancer in recent years. Massaging your breasts helps you to become familiar with their shape and feel (so you can notice any irregularities), and helps keep them healthy through preventative means. With the loving help of a handful of special plants, regular application of this lovely oil is something those boobies will thank you for!

This blend contains a mixture of infused olive oils and essential oils have been used to help keep breast tissue soft and healthy, and to keep skin glowing and radiant. Because breasts are an area with a lot of fat, they readily absorb oil into the skin. The herbs in this oil have been used for breast cysts, soreness, and nerve pain, activate your immune system and increase the blood flow to the breast area and lymphatic system, help carry out toxins, and also aid in your sense of self-worth.

This product comes in a 4.5 oz. bottle with an easy-to-dispense cap.

Ingredients: infused olive oils of dandelion flower, organic st. john's wort, organic tulsi, organic calendula, evening primrose, organic comfrey and essential oils of lavender, pine, and rosemary

All of my herbal products are made with plants that are certified organic or sustainably wild harvested. My products are made with care, love, and respect for the power of the plants and their effects on the human body. They are not meant to cure, diagnose, or prescribe. It is recommended to consult an herbal practitioner or health care provider before using a new herbal product, particularly if you have serious illness, are pregnant, or are taking medications.