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Allium Sativum T-Shirt - Women's Small-2XL

Allium Sativum T-Shirt - Women's Small-2XL

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This t-shirt is a woman's cut featuring an original painting of mine. This painting celebrates the wonderful Allium Sativum - Garlic! We all know and love garlic for its traditional culinary uses. I value garlic for its many delicious medicinal properties. Garlic is wonderful for the heart, purifies the blood, is strongly antibacterial, and is used to fight colds, flus, and infections.

The original painting was made with acrylic and ink, painted on driftwood. The image shown on the shirt follows the organic shape of the wood and the high resolution print really brings out the detail in the line work and wood grain.

Made for women of all shapes and sizes from small to XL. Exact sizes can be viewed. Shirts are 100% cotton and preshrunk. Instructions for care are on the tag. Please specify size(s) when ordering.