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Adjustable Kyanite & Jet Leather Necklace

Adjustable Kyanite & Jet Leather Necklace

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This beautiful, one of a kind necklace is made with recycled leather, brass, plant dyed Peruvian alpaca yarn, mosaic turquoise pendant, jet, green kyanite, and glass beads. It sits above, below, or on the collar bone and hangs from an adjustable brass chain that can be worn as long as 8" from the clasp. The leather component measures 5" wide and 2" at the middle width.

Kyanite is ideal for wearing around the neck because it has beneficial effects on the throat and heart chakras and promotes the ability to speak easily and express oneself. It is used to remove energy blockages and stimulate vital energy. Kyanite produces positive energy, sharpens concentration, and encourages calmness. It’s also used to drive away sadness and make life seem more worth living. Green Kyanite aligns all of the Chakras and helps one heal through the connection to nature by absorbing energy from the Earth. Green Kyanite is known to aid the ability of channeling information from nature spirits. It allows one to connect with their inherent wisdom and grounding it to the physical plane.

Jet is a protective stone that can provide support and help alleviate pain caused by separation or the death of loved ones. It can promote courage and protect against evil. It is used to reflect and balance the ups and downs of the psyche.

Brass (comprised of copper and zinc) brings out our natural good and inner truth.  Repeated wearing of brass jewelry causes the jewelry to take on your own body chemistry, which reflects your personal energy signature.