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A Prayer for Wisdom to Create Enlightenment, Mixed Media Painting

A Prayer for Wisdom to Create Enlightenment, Mixed Media Painting

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The lotus flower grows in muddy water, rising and blooming above the murkiness. A blue lotus is a symbol of common sense, wisdom, and logic to create enlightenment. An open lotus represents full enlightenment and self-awareness. Blue is also the color of the Brow Chakra, and so I have highlighted the figure's brow with blue glitter. The Brow Chakra, also called Ajna or the Third Eye Chakra, is for balancing our higher and lower selves and trusting our inner guidance. It is where we receive intuition and clarity. The layer of our aura that is blue is our casual/celestial body - where we experience the spirit world, its influence and what is causes in our lives. Blue is the color of faithfulness, loyalty, openness, freedom, responsibility, and respect for others. It can be used to calm, activate the digestive system and circulation of the fluids in the body, relax and combat anxiety and discouragement.

The particular color blue used in this piece is my very favorite personal healing color, surrounded by beautiful and shiny copper and gold metallics. In the center of the lotus is a figure sitting in the prayer position. When I create these kinds of images, I use the color I've chosen to keep in mind and create it as if it were a sort of prayer of creation. Because this image is associated with the brow chakra, I created this as a prayer for wisdom to create enlightenment. I hope this brings these feelings to you.

This piece was created with acrylic, ink, glitter, brass, fabric, and driftwood. Measures 9.5" high x 9" wide x 1.5" deep. The edges are finished with burlap fabric and it is ready to hang with hardware installed on the back.