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Throat Drops for Cough, Soreness, Inflammation 1 oz.

Throat Drops for Cough, Soreness, Inflammation 1 oz.

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I don't know about you but I hate the taste of yucky conventional cough medicine. These throat drops are nothing like that! They are made with glycerin, a sweet syrupy substance. The plants used in this extract have been used for sore throats, inflammation, cough, boosting the immune system, and soothing irritated tissue in the mouth and throat.

The taste of this extract is sweet and spicy/warming. Glycerin is a substance made from vegetable fats and in itself is soothing to a sore throat.

For a sore throat or cough: Tilt your head back and drop a few drops in the back of the throat and swallow.

This product comes in a 1 oz. bottle. Best stored away from direct heat or light.

Ingredients: organic licorice, organic willow bark, organic ginger, organic elderberry, organic peppermint, 100% pure vegetable glycerin, sherry, vodka

All of my herbal products are made with plants that are certified organic or sustainably wild harvested. My products are made with care, love, and respect for the power of the plants and their effects on the human body. They are not meant to cure, diagnose, or prescribe. It is recommended to consult an herbal practitioner or health care provider before using a new herbal product, particularly if you have serious illness, are pregnant, or are taking medications.