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St. John's Wort Extract 2 oz.

St. John's Wort Extract 2 oz.

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St. John's Wort, the flower of the summer solstice, has been used throughout history for centuries. In medieval Europe it was considered to protect against ill health and evil influences. It has been used for issues of nervous exhaustion, long-term anxiety, sleeping difficulties, mild to moderate depression, seasonal affective disorder, inflammation, nerve pain, and lowered vitality due to menopause. Clinical research from the 1970s onward has established that St. John's Wort is a safe and effective antidepressant. In some countries it is favored over pharmaceutical antidepressants. Taken regularly and in times of need, St. John's Wort has proven to help significantly improve one's sense of well being.

St. John's Wort can interact with many conventional medicines.

Ingredients: organic st. john's wort, vodka, organic apple cider vinegar, raw honey

This product comes in a 2 oz. bottle. For best use: store away from heat and direct light.

All of my herbal products are made with plants that are certified organic or sustainably wild harvested from reputable herb suppliers. My products are made with care, love, and respect for the power of the plants and their effects on the human body. They are not meant to cure, diagnose, or prescribe. It is recommended to consult an herbal practitioner or health care provider before using a new herbal product, particularly if you have serious illness, are pregnant, or are taking medications.