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Dismantling Taboos Zine Series

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Last Spring I had a series of difficult experiences in some of my interpersonal relationships and within myself. I found myself in situations that shed a lot of light on some of the darkness inside me and revealed to me a true presence of mental health challenges I've been carrying with me much of my life. After enduring difficult periods of time while struggling to feel comfortable in myself and my life I realized that the challenges I was facing encompassed a lot of social taboos that most people didn't want to talk about, or simply didn't know how to. This seemed like a very obvious, yet enormous problem when I thought of all the people I knew in my life with varies mental health issues. Basic feelings or periods of anxiety, social anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief are things that so many people are experiencing right now. But I don't feel that we have a sustainable or healthy support system in learning how to cope or feel supported, both culturally and individually. In a larger sense, it sparked an anthropological curiosity about how our minds and cultures function and how an individual is a reflection of the society it exists in.
I decided I needed to write something about it to share with, firstly, the people close in my life, and second, others who were struggling similarly or knew someone who was. I created a series of personal writings called Dismantling Taboos. They are small zines (short, self-published magazines), each focusing on a different topic that I consider a social taboo which desperately needs to be deconstructed. I start each zine with this introduction:

"This zine series was born out of my personal experiences and observations of social taboos that are close to home for me. I feel we live in a culture that tends to avoid talking about harsh realities, personal struggles, and fears things that are “different” from the status quo. I believe we should talk about things – anything and everything - even if it’s uncomfortable. What’s the point of being alive with a big brain and a voice if we don’t use them?

         Mostly, I hope for this series to offer support for those who have felt marginalized in life simply for being themselves. Don’t let the haters get you down. Instead, maybe we can help teach them how to be more compassionate? I don’t know if it will work, but I’m willing to trying. Thanks for reading, loves. I appreciate it."

Each issue is comprised of personal experiences, useful tools and holistic healing modalities that have helped me. Generally speaking, information on holistic self-care is not easily accessible to those relying solely on the allopathic (Western) medicine that our health care system provides us with, which I feel has very limiting choices. My study of herbal medicine and energetic healing have been essential in my healing journey, and I offer some of these lessons and resources to those who are looking for more options.
The zines are infused with my visual art through collage, photography, and drawing or images of my work. I write, publish, construct, and distribute each copy with my own two hands. I sell them for cheap, because it's most important to me that those who need them have them. The first 3 volumes address an introduction to mental health, depression, and anxiety. I plan to elaborate in future volumes on topics such as grief, gender, sexuality, spirituality, and any other topics that inspire the need to ruffle feathers.
My wish for this series is to open communication and support in areas of society that are silently suffering, and to create open, informative, and accessible community to those who are looking for it. Self-care and honesty are powerful attributes of any individual. There's nothing wrong with calling things for what they are, and doing our best to endure the journey as humbly as possible. I offer my love and blessings to any of you who need it. You are magick!
You can check out and purchase my zines here: https://rabbitygoods.com/collections/zines



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